Unicorn Spray Fan 60 CT

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Spray Mist Fan, Kids, Fun, Summer

Cool down with the Unicorn Spray Mist Fan! This fan delivers a refreshing spray mist in order to keep you cool. This product is perfect for the Beach, Outdoor Activities, Sporting Events, or Traveling. This fan will help you beat the heat! This fans convenient design allows you to take it where you need it. The unicorn design, and magical colors, make it a kid’s favorite! Product has powerful and safe fan blades.

– Fan Mode
– One-button start
– Battery Powered
– Spray Mode

Function description –
1. Press the switch and the fan starts to spin.
2. Rotate the cap and add water.
3. Spray Button
4. When the switch is pressed, spray is emitted.

Colors: White/Blue, Pink/Pink
Includes: x72CT Mist Fans ( x36 each color)

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