ASK Double Car 24 CT Loose Refill for 72 CT Display

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A.S.K Loose Products for 72 CT Display, Phone accessories, Travel and Leisure, Travel Accessories, Useful Travel Accessories, Travel Products, Car Accessories

The A.S.K Double car chargers are conveniently designed for travel. By having 2 USB Ports, the hassle of needing multiple car chargers and spots is eliminated. This gives user’s a more clean and sleek look in their cars, without the horror of crossing wires. These car chargers are a perfect step to making every day car trips easier. Skip waiting for the charger with the A.S.K Double Car charger!

Included: x24 A.S.K Double Car Chargers This is a refill for the A.S.K Accessories 72 CT Counter Display.


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