ASK 6FT Type C 24 CT Refill for 72 CT Display

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A.S.K Loose Products for 54 CT Display, ASK Type-C Cable High Speed 2M ASK-211, Phone accessories, Travel and Leisure, Travel Accessories, Useful Travel Accessories, Travel Products, Car Accessories, Charger

These Type C Cables are conveniently designed to be 6 FT, reducing the tugging and pulling of other chargers. This cable is able to reach even the outlets more far away. These cables are multifunctional, and compatible with devices that take a Type C input. Devices like wireless mice, keyboards, speakers, and smart home devices, all either currently do, or could in the future, offer USB-C ports, both for power delivery and data transfer. Type-C USB Cable – Charge – Transfer – Synchronization

Included: x24 A.S.K Type-C Cable 6 FT


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