ASK 6FT iPhone 24 CT Refill for 72 CT Display

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A.S.K LOOSE PRODUCTS FOR 72 CT DISPLAY, Lightening Cable, iPhone, iPhone Accessories, Apple Accessories, Phone accessories, Travel and Leisure, Travel Accessories, Useful Travel Accessories, Travel Products, Car Accessories, Charger

These charging cables are conveniently designed to be 6 feet, reducing the tugging and pulling of other chargers. This cable is able to reach even the outlets more far away. These cables are multifunctional, and are compatible with iPhones / Apple devices that take a lightening cable input. 6 Feet USB Cable -Charge -Transfer -Synchronization

Included: x24 A.S.K iPhone Cable 6 FT This is a refill for the A.S.K Accessories 72 CT Counter Display.


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